Vacancy: Power Platform Consultant

Offered: a workplace at a (cool) organization in Zwolle.

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Sparse, an organization that builds applications and integrations based on Low-code. Sparse helps small and medium-sized businesses to develop their own applications and digitize their organizations. We do this quickly and efficiently, or rather our business experts do. They understand exactly what the customer needs, examine processes and come up with solutions that they then put into practice using the Microsoft Power Platform. This platform removes the barrier for non-IT professionals to build business apps.

You may have noticed that job opportunities are abundant at the moment, while job seekers are scarce. That’s why we like to turn the tables. You don’t have to convince us that you are the suitable candidate for us, we already know that story. We would love to hear from you what you want and what you are looking for.

Perhaps you are still unsure whether you are looking for a new job? But you also don’t want to miss that unique opportunity and would like to grab it with both hands? Sparse offers you that chance. Invite us for a conversation with you, tell us what we should offer you as an employer or what you still want to learn. This way, we can discover whether we are a good match for each other and perhaps become colleagues. That’s what we hope for, of course!

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