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Using Low-code, you can easily and visually build business apps on the Microsoft Power Platform, enabling fast building and integration. This is accessible to everyone, so you can further expand or customize it yourself.

Low-code with Microsoft Power Platform

Low-code allows you to build business apps in a simple way. This form of software development focuses on the visual design of applications. We build Low-code business apps and integrations based on the Microsoft Power Platform. This platform allows you to quickly build business apps and links. You also have the ability to further develop or modify the app yourself. In fact, Microsoft’s Power Platform is accessible for everyone to use. Handy!

You can build business apps

You have the need to digitize in a simple way, the market is changing and you need to move with it. We believe that, as an organization, you can make your own digitization changes. After all, you know your own process best. We help you get started step by step so that you can then start building your own business app. The tools and knowledge are there, the choice is yours!

The best of both worlds with Fusion development

With Low-code, not everything can be done out-of-the-box. Our Low-code developers and Pro-developers work optimally together, which we call Fusion development. By applying Fusion development we ensure that complex issues, complex environments or legacy applications can easily be applied within the Low-code environment. This fills in the ‘gaps’ of Low-code and creates the best results. We code when we have to, not when we can!

This is what we have already built:


Smienk Trapliften

Calculate stair-elevators from Excel to a Power App

Woonzorgunie Veluwe

Control 1,000 escalations per month in one Power App
Sparse Sparse Power Box

Mudde Kok Automotive

Digitize with the Microsoft Power Platform
Sparse Sparse Power Box

Construction company Van der Steeg

Get a grip on aftercare with a simple Power App

Can we assist you?

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