Microsoft First

All our solutions are based on Microsoft Cloud technology. That’s nice, because Microsoft guarantees security, stability, speed and availability of your application.

Our expertises

Microsoft Expertise

We are pioneers from the first hour when it comes to developing with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics CRM. With the Power Platform, these years of experience come together. By cleverly combining, we create a solution for every question.

We are Microsoft certified in Power Platform, Application Development, Application Integration and as Azure Solutions Architect Expert.

Business expertise

Whether you call it Power Platform Consultant, Citizen developer or Low-code developer, for us the business aspect always comes first. Our business specialists understand exactly what your business needs. This way, we immediately build an appropriate solution that fits your specific business processes.

Fusion development

Low-code is a form of software development where traditional computer code writing is a thing of the past. Low-code can’t do everything out-of-the-box. We enrich Low-code with Fusion development. Microsoft calls this the combined development method. Fusion development brings Pro-developers, Low-code developers and end users together. Through this collaboration, complex environments, legacy applications or complex links can be easily applied within the Low-code environment.


With the Center of Excellence program, we ensure that the Power Platform is properly incorporated within the IT landscape. After this adoption, the roles, rights and rules of the game are set. Monitoring ensures the quality, security and compliance of the applications.

Solution Architect

Our Solution Architects specialize in various Microsoft technologies and are senior professionals. This allows us to advise on strategic issues such as application landscape architecture, choices regarding Power Platform and Azure or an application quality check. Together we determine the current situation and identify potential bottlenecks and improvements. Then we present the conclusion, improvement suggestions and possibilities.

What we work with

Power Platform

With the Microsoft Power Platform, you digitize work and can quickly build data-driven solutions. The Power Platform consists of Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Pages and Power Virtual Agents.

Power Apps

Power Apps lets you build full-fledged business applications for your browser, tablet or smartphone. Without much experience, you can quickly build apps with little code (Low-code). With this you turn employee ideas into solutions for everyone, so you can solve business challenges quickly.

Power Automate

With Power Automate you can automate actions or create links between applications. This makes work easier, more efficient, saves costs and increases productivity within the organization.

Power Virtual Agents

With Virtual Agents, you quickly build sophisticated, AI-driven bots for all kinds of requests – from providing simple answers to common questions to solving problems requiring complex conversations.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s scalable Cloud platform. The combination of services on Azure and Pro-development allow us to quickly deliver new and innovative features.

Experts in

Microsoft Power Platform

Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, Power Pages, Dataverse, Power Fx

Application Development

React, .NET, JavaScript, Fluent UI, Blazor


Web, Compute and containers:
App Service, Communication Services, Web Apps, SignalR Service, Kubernetes Service, Functions, Container Instances, Service Fabric, Container Apps
API Management, Event Grid, Logic Apps, Service Bus
Management, governance and DevOps:
Advisor, Backup, Monitor, Service Health, Cost Management, Portal, DevOps, Pipelines
Application Gateway, Active Directory, Key Vault, Web Application Firewall, VPN Gateway
AI + Machine Learning:
Form Recognizer, Cognitive Search, Bot Service, Cognitive Services, QnA Maker
Analysis en Databases:
Data Factory, Event Hubs, Data Explorer, Power BI Embedded, Cosmos DB, SQL