Van der Steeg Aftercare App

Get a grip on aftercare with a simple Power App


About construction company Van der Steeg

As a construction company, Van der Steeg develops and builds unique projects. From project-based housing construction to care construction. We do this in close cooperation with our clients, such as governments, housing corporations and care institutions. The target group – think of starters, families, people moving on and seniors – is central and as a construction company we play a pivotal role in the entire process. From the plan to the complete development and realization. One partner for the entire construction process. Because therein lies our strength: not only thinking along, but also doing. That’s what makes us special. For 100 years.

“Quality and customer satisfaction is important at Van der Steeg. With the help of Sparse, we have an app that contributes to this.”

Challenge: take on the aftercare of a construction project in an efficient and structured way

The challenge is to digitize an error-prone and manual process. This prevents mistakes and saves time. Construction company van der Steeg attaches great importance to the aftercare of a construction project. Through the website you can submit a report and this report is carefully handled by van der Steeg. Registering, tracking and forwarding these reports to subcontractors is done manually and is kept in Excel. This ensures that not everyone knows the correct status.

Solution: All aftercare notifications clear in a Power App

The solution is a Power App that is also available on a tablet. The Power App automatically reads the notification from the website. This provides an instant overview of all notifications. The notifications can be enriched with information and photos. Statuses can be changed, a log with comments is kept and subcontractors are automatically emailed. The app is also available offline in case of a non-functioning Internet connection on the construction site or at a customer’s site. With the Aftercare App, Bouwbedijf van der Steeg delivers quality and assurance, even if the completion of a home is a little longer ago.

What did the client think?

Quality and customer satisfaction is important at Van der Steeg. With the help of Sparse, we have an App that contributes to this. The App works exactly as we expected. The App is available on a tablet making it easy to use on the construction site or customer location.

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