Mudde Kok

Digitize with the Microsoft Power Platform


About Mudde Kok Automotive

Since 2009 Mudde Kok Automotive presents itself as a reliable and above all unique specialist with the best premium used cars. By focusing on Volvo and Land Rover used cars they can rightfully call themselves a specialist. What once started as a compact trading company, developed into a true mobility center, located in the central part of the Netherlands. Besides its own workshop with free pick-up and delivery service, Mudde Kok Automotive also has its own parts sales (Mudde Kok Parts), photo studio and car wash (Mudde Kok Cleanpark). It is also importer of the brand Heico Sportiv for the Netherlands and Belgium, with which various cars can be made even more unique for each customer through styling and tuning. Annually, around 3,000 cars leave the premises of Mudde Kok Automotive which find their way to customers at home and abroad.

“The team at Sparse is developing the tools we need in the foreseeable future. That’s why Mudde Kok Automotive is going for a long-term partnership with Sparse!”

Challenge: quick response to digitization needs with matching software

Mudde Kok Automotive has a company-wide need to digitize processes, without losing sight of the people within the process. Different departments have the need to increase efficiency, save time and automate repeatable work. In addition, Mudde Kok Automotive is a customer- and service-oriented organization which also requires tools in this area.

Solution: using Sparse as a digitization partner for Microsoft Power Platform

After an initial meeting, it appeared that Sparse was the right party for Mudde Kok Automotive to fulfill this need. Sparse develops various tools for Mudde Kok Automotive, based on the Microsoft Power Platform, with which data can be processed and reported as automatically as possible. This speeds up business processes, leading to more work satisfaction among colleagues and a pleasant and unique customer experience.

What did the client think?

Working with Sparse as a digitization partner is highly recommended as far as Mudde Kok Automotive is concerned. ”The team at Sparse develops the tools we need within no time. The possibility to make adjustments ourselves within these tools offers us a lot of flexibility. Sparse also communicates clearly and thinks along excellently with our digitization needs. The unique combination of people with both business and IT-related experience ensures that we enjoy working together. That’s why Mudde Kok Automotive is going for a long-term cooperation with Sparse!

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